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Now more than ever before, people are having to find creative ways to protect and monetize their innovations, services, and products. With decades of legal service and diverse professional experiences under their belts, the attorneys at Tsircou Law understand the importance of intellectual property protection in today’s rapidly evolving markets. We’re an intellectual property law firm based in Calabasas, CA, committed to providing strategic patent, copyright, trademark, and IP portfolio development services to individuals and businesses throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area. 

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Our Intellectual Property Law Services


Patents grant exclusive rights to inventors and businesses to create and maintain their market advantages over competitors. They ensure that an inventor’s efforts and investments are not infringed upon by others in the market. By securing patent rights, clients can protect their innovations and monetize their research, while still allowing the public to use their products and services. Patent holders generally have a limited monopoly to capitalize on their inventions only during the defined patent periods. 

Tsircou Law assists clients with each stage of patent procurement, including invention disclosure, patentability search, U.S. and foreign patent preparation, provisional and nonprovisional patent applications, processing, issuance, prosecution, and appeal (if necessary). We also help clients develop and maintain their patent portfolios, monetize their investments (e.g., royalty programs), and avoid patent infringement. 


Trademarks are protected symbols, words, logos, or designs that help consumers identify and distinguish one business’s goods and services from competitors in the same industry. Trademarks often apply to names, slogans, or logos used for branding purposes. Tsircou Law guides clients through the legal processes for establishing trademarks and other business marks, such as trade dress protections and service marks. We employ a comprehensive business-mark clearance process designed to help clients avoid conflicts, value potential marks, process applications through the USPTO, and assert their trademark protections. 


Copyrights are an important form of intellectual property that give creators exclusive rights to make important decisions regarding the use and distribution of their original works. Copyrightable items include literary, musical, artistic, and other creative expressions. If managed correctly, copyrights can protect the creator’s privilege to make copies or adaptations for performance or other media. Registration with the U.S. Copyright Office is a way to strengthen copyright protections by empowering owners to recover maximum statutory damages and legal fees in infringement cases. At Tsircou Law, we help our clients register, license, and enforce copyrights so that they can get the most out of their creative efforts.

IP Portfolio Development

Effective intellectual property portfolio development is an essential ingredient for long-term success. An IP portfolio contains a variety of legal protections, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other tools designed to secure assets from infringement and illegal usage. Our IP portfolio development strategies help clients build and maintain their market presence, competitive advantages, and overall value. We will evaluate a number of factors when developing and maintaining your portfolio, including market dynamics, potential risks, upcoming changes, and more. 

New Space and Deep Tech

The exploration of space and new technologies by private and non-government entities are exciting areas of scientific advancement, offering opportunities for startups, investors, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and military contractors alike. With proper intellectual property strategies in place, these individuals and entities can effectively protect and capitalize on their research efforts, especially as it concerns creating and engaging emerging markets. Tsircou Law develops custom new-space and deep-tech startup IP strategies tailored to each client’s individual needs and goals in order to ensure their research and resulting products are adequately protected and valued. 


If you’re looking for a law firm to handle the legal issues related to getting a new business or startup off the ground, then look no further than Tsircou Law. No matter what stage your startup is at, we can help you. Although you can start a new business entity without the help of a lawyer, having one can make everything much easier and help you avoid serious legal trouble down the road.

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Our Reviews
  • My experiences with Tsircou Law have without a doubt been exceptional.

    I have been an extremely happy and satisfied client with everything that Kyri Tsircou has done for me and my businesses. He was incredibly helpful in guiding me through myriad hoops to obtain patents on one of my sports inventions.

    - Ronald L. Gertsch, M. D.
  • I think Kyri is an excellent patent lawyer and he has my highest recommendation.

    Kyri came highly recommended and I sent him an e-mail query to gauge his interest. From Kyri’s first response to our subsequent phone calls and meetings, I have been impressed by how knowledgeable, accessible and thorough he is.

    - Beth Corets – President
  • Tsircou Law has been a tremendous asset for Outdoor Technology.

    The personal attention and breadth of knowledge that Kyri brings to the table in Law, Engineering and general business acumen is consistent and greatly appreciated.

    - Caro Krissman – President

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