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New Space and Deep Tech IP Lawyers in Calabasas, CA

Every day, efforts in deep technology research and private space exploration uncovers new and exciting opportunities for innovators and emerging businesses; however, these advancements also present new challenges. Increasingly, as scientists, engineers, and others conduct research on emerging technologies, they discover new products, processes, and potential marketable avenues outside of the confines of their original or collective research goals. These discoveries raise questions regarding ownership of research, intellectual property, commercialization, and value. Does ownership belong to the original research center, government agency, university, business, scientist, or innovator? Is it possible to capitalize on this research? If so, how can one go about doing so? 

Tsircou Law helps entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and military contractors answer these questions as they relate to their new space and deep technology endeavors. 

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Intellectual Property Strategies for Deep Tech and New Space Startups in California

At Tsircou Law, it’s our goal to help clients explore new frontiers, without being grounded by limited or weak IP strategies. With comprehensive intellectual property strategies in place, individuals, startups, and established businesses of all sizes improve their chances to capitalize on their investments. For example, the protections offered by patents allow startups to exclusively market their inventions for a limited period, protect them from infringement by competitors, and institute royalty programs. However, before an individual can secure a patent, a number of steps must be taken to demonstrate full ownership over their research, technology, process, or service. 

Our intellectual property services include: 

Helping Clients Protect Their New Technologies

The IP attorneys at Tsircou Law guide clients through all stages of intellectual property procurement, development, and maintenance processes. We help new startups and military contractors prove their research ownership, copyright their original works, patent their products, establish and protect their brands, and more. 

Our founder, Attorney Kyriacos Tsircou, has a background in astronomical engineering, which gives our firm a unique ability to contextualize our clients’ IP objectives. You can trust that our firm has the skills and knowledge needed to accurately assess your IP needs, evaluate relevant factors (including patentability, risks, and market dynamics), and secure your startup’s presence in its emerging market. 

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