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Patents are powerful business tools that can help you create and preserve market advantages over your competitors by securing critical products, technologies, and trade secrets. Patents can also increase business valuation and return on research investments through monetization strategies like patent royalty programs. 

Tsircou Law leads clients through the processes of securing patent rights and asserting patent protections in the United States and throughout the world. Rather than being just another intellectual property law firm, our patent attorneys take the time to understand our clients’ ever-changing needs and construct patent strategies that align with their business objectives. In-house, we help clients build and execute processes for identifying innovations, secure patent rights for those innovations, and develop patent portfolios that best protect our clients’ short- and long-term interests. 

Representative patent procurement services include: 

  • Assessing patentability and drafting patentability reports
  • U.S. and foreign patent preparation and prosecution
  • Representation before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • Patent portfolio development and maintenance

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How Do Patents Protect Innovators and Businesses? 

Patents are exclusive legal rights granted to inventors for their innovations. They are a form of intellectual property that give innovators and people or entities with ownership interests (assignees) rights to exclude others from making, using, selling, and importing their inventions for designated periods of time. For example, you may use a design patent to protect the appearance or overall ornamental design of a product. These and other patents (e.g., utility patents, process patents, plant patents) are issued by government agencies only after rigorous examination, and how well businesses and individuals prepare for the process is often directly related to the success or failure of their patent applications. 

Individuals and businesses can use patents to protect any new products or processes that provide technical solutions to problems and have not been previously disclosed in the public domain. This includes various technologies and products, such as software programs, algorithmically driven machines, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, internet-based apps, designs, business methods, and unique processes. 

What Role Do Lawyers Play in the Patent Process? 

Patent laws are designed to encourage innovation by providing economic incentives to innovators. When your business secures patents on your innovations, it can gain significant advantages over competitors who might otherwise attempt to capitalize on your products without permission, leaving you out of royalties.

Nevertheless, patent law is a complicated legal area that involves important strategic decisions and considerations. One reason for this complexity is that patents are territorial, meaning rights associated with a patent are limited only to a select geographical jurisdiction for which it is granted. This makes international protection particularly difficult, as each country has its own laws and regulations for patents. In order to adequately protect their inventions, businesses must demonstrate that their product or process is new, useful, and non-obvious, as well as account for the extent of their current and future markets. In addition, applicants must also meet various formal requirements established by the USPTO, including conducting in-depth patent searches, preparing applications, applying by deadlines, paying fees, determining examination timelines, and establishing jurisdiction. 

Thus, although inventors have an important role in the patent process, it is often difficult for them to successfully navigate it on their own. Inventors and businesses usually seek the help of knowledgeable patent attorneys who are licensed to practice before the USPTO/PTAB, such as Tsircou Law. 

Why Work with Our Calabasas Patent Lawyers?

Tsircou Law helps businesses of all sizes prevent competitors from exploiting their products, from large companies leading their respective markets in technological innovation to growth-stage businesses identifying patentable technologies. We draft patent applications with the goal of safeguarding innovations from exploitation and infringement lawsuits so that owners and assignees can enjoy their financial and strategic benefits. 

With well over 15 years in the industry and founded by a lawyer with a background in astronomical engineering, Attorney Kyriacos Tsircou, we have the legal and technical insight needed to efficiently execute your patent research, application, and maintenance strategies. You can feel confident partnering with our intellectual property law firm

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