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If you’re looking for a law firm to handle the legal issues related to getting a new business or startup off the ground, then look no further than Tsircou Law. No matter what stage your startup is at, we can help you. 

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We also have a broad network of professionals that we can put you in contact with, depending on your specific needs. Once the framework is established, we can advise you on any legal issues that your business may face as it grows. 

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Do You Need an Attorney to Start a New Business in California? 

Although you can start a new business entity without the help of a lawyer, having one can make everything much easier and help you avoid serious legal trouble down the road. If you’ve done your research and talked to other founders, then you’ve likely already heard some of the horror stories of what can happen, such as establishing improper legal entities, security violations, vesting issues, intellectual property litigation, and more. Working with an experienced law firm like Tsircou Law can help you avoid some of these common issues.  

Business Incorporation and Corporate Governance

Business incorporation is the process of registering a business as a legal entity separate from its owners, which gives it certain legal rights, responsibilities, and liabilities. Depending on your goals, it might be better to establish the business as a limited liability company, sole proprietorship, or corporation. Inadequate business incorporation can result in disputes over ownership and control of the company. Fortunately, we can help you weigh the benefits and cons of each of these business structures, so you can select the best one for you. 

Corporate governance refers mainly to the rules, practices, and processes that determine how a company is organized and how it runs day to day. The best corporate governance structures require balancing the interests of the founder, shareholders, investors, management, and intended customers. Without oversight from a legal team that understands governance principles and the relevant laws, companies may be exposed to unnecessary risks and litigation.

Raising Capital and Due Diligence

Raising capital is one of the earliest goals of any startup. However, it’s important that you don’t enter the capital-raising phase blindly. Performing due diligence on investors can help you ensure that their contributions are worth your efforts. Due diligence is the process of carefully analyzing the potential benefits, risks, and legality of investment and funding opportunities. This can mean researching the investor, their history, their financials, and their overall objectives.

Intellectual Property for Startups

Startups face a variety of intellectual property concerns that can have serious consequences if not preemptively addressed. For example, someone that you’ve interacted with might try to duplicate your invention or business model if you don’t establish the appropriate patents soon enough. It might also be the case that an individual who worked on a certain technology or product for your company might try to claim ownership of that technology and collect any money that it helped you make. Early IP protections are the best ways to avoid these kinds of issues. 

Let Tsircou Law Help Get Your Startup Off the Ground

When you choose to work with Tsircou Law, you’re not working with just another corporate or business law firm. You’re working with a firm that has been in the industry for over 15 years, and some of our lawyers have been practicing even longer than that. We bring together a wealth of knowledge and professional backgrounds for each case, which allows us to provide our clients with an extremely high level of legal service. Furthermore, our team also benefits from a technical background in STEM, so we can even help businesses that are developing and utilizing cutting-edge technologies, including new space and deep tech startups

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