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Tsircou Law strives to help clients secure and protect trademarks, service marks, and trade dress. Our exhaustive business-mark clearance process allows clients to avoid issues before investing resources in a new trademark or another intellectual property protection, such as by researching potential business marks for conflicting third-party rights. 

Once cleared, our trademark lawyers will proceed with securing the business mark through domestic and foreign registrations, depending on your specific needs. We have extensive experience in filing and prosecuting trademark applications through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We also utilize a vast network of foreign contacts to help secure global protections. When you work with Tsircou Law, you can be sure that we will utilize this network and our experience to efficiently facilitate your trademark and intellectual property protection efforts. 

If you have questions about business marks or are ready to begin the registration process, contact us to request a free 15-minute consultation with one of our Calabasas trademark attorneys.

How Can Trademarks Secure Your Market Advantages? 

Trademarks and other business marks are types of intellectual property that can help businesses distinguish themselves in the marketplace. They’re a matter of branding. Trademarks may apply to visual symbols, words, designs, or countless combinations of these elements. They can distinguish goods and services from those of other companies within the same industry. The basic purpose of trademarks is to encourage association between the business mark’s owner and their products and services for customers or clients. However, trademarks also accomplish so much more. They obtain value themselves and can even become the most profitable assets of a business. 

Service marks are similar to trademarks, yet they are used to differentiate services rather than products. Trade dress, on the other hand, refers to how a product is presented or packaged. These business marks serve as a signifier that consumers associate with particular companies and indicate delivery and execution information about their products or services. Together with copyrights and patents, they protect businesses against infringement by competitors who may try to replicate their design, branding, innovations, and services. 

The Trademark Application Process

Establishing a trademark requires filing an application with the USPTO. This application must include relevant information, such as a detailed description of the mark itself, what it looks like when used commercially, its purpose for use by the applicant, and its intended commercial impact on consumers. Prior research and thorough preparation is key to successful trademark applications. Our Calabasas-based trademark lawyers place an emphasis on researching potential business marks for any conflicts before filing a trademark application. This way, we can mitigate any issues for our clients prior to investing resources into the mark. 

Let Our Calabasas Trademark Attorneys Help You

Tsircou Law is able to assist entrepreneurs and businesses in all stages of growth with business mark registration, protection, and valuation. We opened our doors in 2004 and have been helping clients with intellectual property matters ever since. We have maintained our presence in the industry for so long because our clients know they can count on us to help them properly manage and develop their intellectual property portfolios, patents, copyrights, and trademarks. In doing so, we create and execute their strategies for securing competitive advantages in their respective markets. Not only do we help clients draft their trademark applications, but we also conduct preliminary research, inspect usage, enforce trademark rights, defend against challenges, and represent them in any administrative proceedings before the USPTO. 

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